History lesson: Meet the real terrorists


This article might instigate views and thoughts that are completely contradictory to the ones you may possess right now. I do not wish to create a controversy or fear among people. However, the facts and information published below are all correct. Please check bibliography at the end of the article for evidences. Reader’s discretion is advised.

The ideal mind-set of the common man in my country right now is: “All Muslims/Pakistanis are terrorists.” and “The USA is eager to fight and kill terrorism from its roots”. That is not entirely true. Islam is a beautiful religion with its religious texts being one of the most spiritually enlightening ones. A few people have changed these texts to support their cause and this has caused havoc in the lives of 1.6 billion Islamic people. Shall we explore the roots of this?

It all begins with the ‘holier-than-thou’ United States of America and its ever-lasting thirst for oil and oil-rich Middle East Asia, which would give them power and wealth to rule all worlds. The Soviet Union (consists of Russia mostly) has always been a threat to America over its aim of global dominance and to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, the US trained Islamic extremists to combat and armed them. They were given a leader. The son of a rich, Saudi business man, who was trained by the CIA in all kinds of terrorism, spying and stealth activities. His name was Osama Bin Laden. The group was called ‘Al-Qaeda’. The US would regularly fund and send resources to them and slowly they started gaining dominance but soon, their dear friend Osama started acting out and Al-Qaeda became an independent, militant group. After this, the US became their foe and on 11th September 2001, the country lost thousands of innocent souls.

They killed Osama in 2011 and boasted about it to the world, but never mentioned that the devil was groomed at home. They have created such radical extremists groups all over the world like in Pakistan, Libya, etc. Let’s talk about another such group.

However, Al-Qaeda still had a base in Iraq that carried out rebellious activities against the Syrian government (backed by Russia) on behalf of our beloved USA. This group also rose to independence in 2010 and re-branded itself as ‘Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)’. They now have their own ‘plans’ of global dominance and since they became independent around 10 years after Al-Qaeda, they are highly advanced in stealth and brain-washing activities. Now, we have ISIS attacks almost every month.

It is this that has lead to people believing in Jihad and turning into suicide bombers. It is this that has made all of us look at every Mosque visitor suspiciously. It is this that has painted the beautiful Islam with tainted, fake words and stories.

Warning: The next country on the radical group list: Egypt.

Always remember: the hero is usually the creator of the villain.

By Rish


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