My dream world

I wrote this one when I was a little younger. So, hear the voice of a kid when you go through these lines. 

I slept well last night and got a dream,
It is not a normal one or too mainstream.
I slept and sneaked into a world of mine,
That resembles a lot like Earth where I would love to dine!

The map is the same, and even the creatures,
Its just that I’ve changed a few sorrowful features!
I have dreamt of a happy and joyful birth,
And I hope it’s possible on this Earth!

A world with No war and No worry,
The entire population belonging to only one country.
People with thoughts that are best but not worst,
And where the crow never suffers anything like thirst.

A world full of mountains and deers,
A mouth with least drops of vines or beers.
I dream of the train of life where everyone gets a berth,
And I hope its all possible on this Earth!

Where the adult may never see anything like tears,
Where the girl may stay out during nights without fears!
Where everyone is hard working and dedicated,
Where none will be called ill-fated!

While I woke up freshly and slowly with the smell of bread and cream,
I realised I had been brave enough to see this dream,
I vowed while wearing my favourite blue shirt,
I will try to make it all possible on this Earth!

By Anon Emus (Rishabh) 


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