The Irony of Life

The phrases used in these rhymes have a kind of contrast, 

Some make sense, while some are just to be ignored like dust!

Though I dont know more than handful people on this mud,
I shout to myself that I have seen and I know the World!
I have my own personality and my own physique,
And like any other ordinary person, I am unique!

I often get lost in my world where I feel a lot better,
And wonder, ‘how can a brightly lit moon and a pitch dark sky stay together?’
Thoughts in my own mind have just the same kind of contrast,
Some are enough to make me wonder, while some just get rust!

My world has a lot of such questions that are junk,
Like ‘Why do wonderful flowers and fruits grow on such a ugly browny trunk?’
Isnt it funny that I even have such a question:
‘Why do we pray only when we are in troubles, and not when we are in a happy situation? ‘

When I see a long lost brother-sister shredding tears when reuniting,
I often wonder why are they crying when they should be brightly smiling?!
Moments in my life have the same kind of contrast,
Some make me smile, while some make my tear glands burst!

Last night, I slept well and wandered off to my world again,
And decided to explore places unknown to men..
On my way, I found a poster under dried leaves of mint,
It said ‘One is extremely happy with your existence, One isn’t!’

Then I realised on my way back that our unique personality is contradictory too,
We are good for someone yet bad for some two!
People in my life have the same kind of contrast,
Some are good from inside, while some are only on the outer crust!


What do you think of this?

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