Now and Then

Once, as soon as I would rub my eyes as a daily ritual,

My mother would be adoring my small face in a way too mutual..

Today, As soon as I am about to fall asleep,

The alarm is already ringing to annoy me deep.

Once, When I used to go out with short shorts and tight shirt,

I would play all day with my friends in the dirt..

Today, When I had already left in a formal wear,

I realised forgetting all about yesterdays assignments and tomorrow’s blurt..

Once, When I used to return home covered with sands,

Mom would already be shouting ‘Wash your hands!’

Today, When I came home for a meal,

Mom was asking ‘How was today’ s ordeal? ‘

Once when it used to rain, I danced very bold,

While Mom would shout’ You’ll catch cold! ‘

Now when I try to get myself wet,

I get scared with the fear of visiting a vet!

How simple life once used it to be,

How complicated today has it proven to be..

by Anon Emus (Rishabh) 


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